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Extremism: A Warning from History

Harvey's public lecture will take place as part of a conference seeking to analyse and understand issues of extremism, and offer insights into how to combat and undermine it.

  • What are the resonances and dissimilarities between far right movements in the 1930s and populist movements today?
  • Do divisive ideologies still hold appeal and, if so, why?  
  • And what can be done to undermine extremism? 

'Extremism: A Warning from History' will bring together an invited group of key stakeholders to address these questions, including education professionals, academic researchers from a range of disciplines, those in a position to influence policy and public opinion, and representatives of the younger generation who are facing a world increasingly defined by divisions and animosity.

Convened under the Chatham House rule, the conference will explore some of the controversies surrounding the historical analysis of 1930s extremism, and it will seek to understand the causes of extremism by examining it from a variety of perspectives: economic, social, psychological and, ultimately, ideological. For further information please click here.